Make a bold statement to the world.

A flower only knows how to be a flower in its own way. It is true to itself, its sense of self will never waver. For this reason, it makes a bold statement to the world. It speaks to us in the language of beauty and clarity. It sends out a message that brings and sustains life.

A flower tells us that within it lies greatness. It bears nectar, fruit, and pollen. It bears sustenance that nurtures all life. The bees, birds, other animals, and human are naturally attracted to it. A flower has a universal attraction to which no one is immune.

This is the essence of true beauty. It is the simple act of being who we are and being true to ourselves. When we are true to ourselves we are like the flower. It is our uniqueness that shines and stands out. It is our own individuality that illuminates the world.

Our radiance will broadcast a message for others to behold and take great notice. Our beauty will broadcast the message that within us lies greatness. Within us lies the kingdom of heaven.

What It means to be true to yourself.

As children, we were all connected with our true selves. We had little knowledge of anything else except how to be who we are thus, we were true to ourselves. It was a time when we experienced the world as it truly is. How we experience the world was not tainted with societal judgment and conditioning. For this reason, we were able to see the awe and wonder in everything. We were able to see the divinity in all life. As we aged and gained more knowledge, we gradually became more distanced with who we truly are. We have taken on the identity prescribed by our society. This identity is a false belief which, throughout our lives, has been reinforced by social conditioning. It is a belief that has imposed a great limitation on our limitless and timeless nature. Our true nature is the universe and God within us.

A person who is true to herself is an artist and a poet in her own right. She is a leader and a trendsetter. Like a flower, she brings new wonder to the garden of life. She adds a new color, pattern, flavor, and fragrance to life. She brings meaning and joy to life. In her own unique way, she makes a bold statement to the world in the language of her inner beauty.

Unlike the majority of the people who are under the social hypnosis, she is free to explore her very essence. Thus, she is unbound by anything, she can freely express her boundless and infinite nature. She does not require the approval and validation from anyone or anything. She is not guided by her own reasoning and intellect. Instead, she is guided by something infinitely greater. It is the universal intelligence, it is the intelligence that created the universe and transcends human intelligence. It speaks to her through her innate inner wisdom. It is the wisdom of true beauty.

When you are true to yourself, you naturally radiate inspiration, truth, and love. These are the very attributes of true beauty. Be beautiful your true essence, reclaim your radiance and eternal youth.