About This Book

About This Book

Why I wrote this book

When we are beautiful, we are expressing the universe and God within us. This is why true beauty delivers the greatest motivation. It is not the motivation that just drives us, instead, it is the motivation from inspiration. Inspiration is the force that created the universe without which we would not exist.

By definition to be inspired is to be “in spirit.” When we are inspired or in spirit, we become who we really are. We are an essence that is timeless, that knows no boundaries or limits. Our nature is eternal that is a field of infinite possibilities. All of our actions and creations will reflect our boundless and timeless nature when we are inspired. In other words, what we bring into this world will last indefinitely and have a universal appeal. This book is an expression of just that.

When we are touched by true beauty, we are compelled to spread its essence, the inspiration, truth, and love that it delivers. Doing so makes us whole and complete. The need to spread joy and beauty to the world reflects our boundless and infinite nature. To be infinite means there is no division between you and me, there is only unity and oneness with everything.

Separation is an illusion. This is evident when we feel the pain or joy of someone who is close to us. It is evident when we are happy or sad for someone. However, the unity that we feel extends infinitely beyond someone we are close to or our inner circle. This reality is not just a new age hype, it is central to much of the words of ancient wisdom from the eastern philosophy to the Judeo-Christian bible- we are told that we are all one. In other words, when you bring out the true beauty in others, the radiance of your essence will shine brighter and reach out to all walks of life. This book is the expression of just that.

My personal crusade

Society has instilled in us that we are all separate individual thus we have distanced ourselves from our very nature. We have imposed great limits on our true selves. We have imprisoned our very nature behind the bars of our own judgments that we have placed on ourselves. We have obscured the radiance of our natural beauty. What we reflect is no longer our very essence, instead, it is a mental idea of who we are that has been established by our society. What we reflect will never have a universal appeal which can also be in conflict with other people’s ideas and concepts. What we reflect is fleeting, short-lived, and have no basis of truth.

Our reality is always a reflection of our inner self. To those who are in the complete grips of social conditioning, the external world is devoid beauty. Instead, it is filled with beliefs that are rooted in fear, in the form of things such as hate, greed, and anger. These beliefs create a condition that brings the world in a state of ruins and decay. They are the underlying cause of violence, war, and unrest. They are beliefs that build walls to divide instead of bridges to unite. This state of ruins and decay is the same state they see when they look in the mirror. There is no renewal, the body is no longer able to rejuvenate its life force and maintain its eternal youth. This is when the body is no longer in harmony with the rhythm of the universe.

It is said that the kingdom of heaven is within us. We can identify ourselves to be the poorest and most disadvantaged person in the world. But when we experience the light of our true essence, we will begin to see the identity that we assume in our lives is not who we are. Thus, we can transcend them. Whether we are the riches or poorest person in the world, we can see that these are just mental ideas of who we are that are no different from the passing clouds in the sky. They are the same in that they are like an illusion that is fleeting and will eventually come to an end, and sometimes, much sooner than we think. When the illusion comes to an end, what remains is our infinite beautiful self.

When we can experience the light of our essence, we will naturally bring out the kingdom of heaven that is within us. We will see that, within us, we have all the necessary resources to create a beautiful world, which is, heaven on earth.