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 The fundamental attributes of true beauty are inspiration, truth, and love. When we are touched, moved, and taken by it we are experiencing the essence of the universe and God.  God and true beauty are inseparable, they are one and the same. To be beautiful is to be true to ourselves, that is, to allow the God within us to shine. Only by being true to ourselves we can experience our eternal nature.  It is the natural part of us that is limitless and knows no boundaries, it is timeless and forever young.

Many of us have lost the ability to be true to ourselves.  We have taken on the identity that has been defined by our social conditioning.  Thus, the energy we radiate is our false sense of self. It is the energy that is short-lived and obscures the radiance of our true beauty.  This book explores our true beautiful nature and how we can reclaim it by the simple act of being true to ourselves.


As adults, many of us have lost this ability.  From our perspective, beauty has been reduced to a mere concept and idea created by someone such as our culture and the media.  When we look at a tree, all we see is our concept of a tree. Many see it only as a large wooden plant with a trunk that grows lateral branches and bears leaves.   We no longer feel the life force, the mystery, and the energy of that tree as we did when we were a child. We no longer see the sacredness and the divinity in everything in life as we did as children.  We no longer see the poetry, art, and romance in everything in life. Thus, true beauty within us becomes obscured and hidden.

This is a state of being that we reflect onto the world, therefore it is how the world and other people view us. We have become a being where there is no real life, only a mental concept of life.  There is no magic, mystery, wonder, and awe, there are only worn-out ideas that leave little or no meaningful impression onto the world.

Chapter 1- External Beauty- Body, Mind, And Soul

When we believe that beauty is within or the mind, it is true but incomplete.  Likewise, when believe beauty is in the physical qualities, it is also true but incomplete. There is a vital component that is missing that allows the body and the mind to become unified.

The nature of truth never changes, it is eternal.  Therefore, our true essence is eternal and constant. The body and mind are dynamic and literally changing constantly.  So what we perceive as beauty always changes. The person you had fallen in love with will change, both the mental state and physical qualities of that person will cease to be the same.  Our relationship with others or ourselves can either evolve to a more greater and meaningful existence or it can dwindle into something that no longer serves the well being.

True beauty is when both our physical appearance and the mind are united with our true self, our infinite nature. The body and mind are one,  our core being is what defines them both. Our inner and outer state is a reflection of our core being.

Content Summary Of- Be Beautiful Your True Essence- Reclaim Your Radiance And Eternal Youth

Chapter 1-External Beauty
Chapter 2-The Beauty Of A Woman
Chapter 3-The Beauty Energy
Chapter 4-The Law Of Attraction And Creation
Chapter 5-Don’t Try To Understand Beauty
Chapter 6-Embodying True Beauty
Chapter 7-Embodying Eternal Youth
Chapter 8-The Attributes Of True Beauty
Chapter 9-Making The World A Beautiful Place